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Dental Whitening Barcelona

Dental Whitening Philips Zoom

At MyDentiss we know the importance of a healthy, beautiful and radiant smile in the personal image. For this reason we are committed to innovation and we work with the most advanced techniques in esthetic dentistry, which guarantee the highest quality. To offer a perfect white smile, we work with the leading whitening technique in the United States: state-of-the-art dental whitening.

What is this type of whitening? Using the Philips Zoom lamp, a blue light is projected to remove stains from the tooth surface. We apply in the teeth The whitening gel, which contains hydrogen peroxide and is activated in contact with the blue light emitted by the lamp.

The industry-leading Philips Zoom dental whitening is minimally invasive for the teeth, and allows you to get a more radiant smile quickly, safely, comfortably and painlessly. If you want to get a more beautiful and bright smile, feel free to ask for more information. In MyDentiss we will make a customized study to adapt the whitening technique to the needs of your smile.

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Benefits of Dental Whitening Philips Zoom

Más rápido
  • The light emitted by the lamp is more intense and accelerate the process, without compromising the health of the teeth and gums.
  • White teeth after a single session of 45 minutes.
Más seguro
  • As light and non-laser, the tooth does not under go temperature changes, eliminating any effect after treatment.
  • The intensity of light can be adjusted to ensure that patients with sensitive teeth have a pleasant experience.
Resultados duraderos
  • We manage to lower between 4 and 8 tones the color of your teeth, a more visible and lasting result.
  • Results that last in time, as long as the consumption of foods containing dyes, tobacco and coffee is minimised.
Blanqueamiento dental en casa
  • Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite, offer the same results by whitening the teeth comfortably at home.
  • The only household bleachers in the market with ACP(amorphous calcium phosphate) that, in addition to white ningteeth, reduces dental sensitivity

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Dental esthetics

In MyDentiss we know how important it is today to show a beautiful and attractive smile. Smiling with tranquility and naturalness generates a good impression on others and gives us security.


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