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Sports Dentistry

Sports Dentistry

It is an area with a tradition in sports medicine that seeks integral health in athletes, providing the tools to the dentist to prevent, evaluate and treat the orofacial lesions occurring in the sport and thus improve their athletic performance And their quality of life.

At MyDentiss, we follow guidelines for all people, children, adolescents and adults who practice sporting activities.

It is more and more necessary to protect the dental structures during sports activities and physical exercise, both in the amateur and professional field.

In My Dentiss we want:

To give solution to the different specific needs of each athlete applied to his specific discipline .

We make custom maxillary buccal protector. The mouth guards are prostheses that are performed on models, which are copies of the upper jaw prior impression made by a qualified dentist and his professional team.

We make protectors with very flexible materials, consistent and hygienic, achieving a perfect adherence to the oral anatomy and avoiding the respiratory difficulties unlike the Standard protectors, which have the disadvantage of being more and to present problems of adaptation which end up increasing the risk of greater consequences due to the impact.

Properly diagnosed, designed and made to measure are essential in the prevention of oral and facial injuries. They can also help cushion the hit received in the facial region and reduce the damage produced in the brain and other parts of the head and neck.

About 10% of sports accidents occur in the head and the severity of the injuries depends, to a large extent, on the age and the type of practice that is performed.

The action of the blows tends to cause the rupture, loss and even the displacement of the upper teeth, situation which compromises besides the esthetics, the phonation and the chewing. The use of Protector would prevent other injuries that affect the tongue, gums, cheek and lips, also exposed to impacts.


The protectors are usually applied in :

  • High-risk sports: Martial Arts, boxing, football, Hockey, skateboarding, cycling, Rugby, basketball, ski.
  • Medium-risk sports: Horseback riding, skydiving, Squash, water polo .

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