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Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry dedicated to correcting the bad position of the teeth.

Orthodontics not only have aesthetic purposes. It also solves chewing or crowding problems. Although it is usually done in adolescence, it is feasible at any age.

Teeth have a bad position for several causes. Habits like keeping the pacifier up to certain ages cause a lack of space. Also the loss of one or several teeth, by blows or oral illnesses. In addition, genetics is another factor to consider. Through orthodontics, the teeth move to their correct position. This corrects the bite and improves the appearance of the teeth. Orthodontics also improve health and dental hygiene.


There are several types of orthodontics. The devices can be fixed or removable, depending on the needs of each patient. For minor corrections, removable appliances are recommended. Fixed appliances are applied in more severe cases. Both are valid to correct the position of the teeth. There are also aesthetic orthodontic treatments.

If what worries you is the aesthetic during the treatment, in MyDentiss we have the solution: Invisalign. This treatment consists of wearing invisible sleeves that are progressively correcting the smile and can also be removed for hygiene and meals. Our clinic has the Invisalign Gold certification, accredited by Invisalign.

During orthodontics, hygiene is very important. It is also recommended to avoid very hard and sticky foods that can damage the appliances. After removing the appliances it does not finish the orthodontic treatment. It is passed to the retention phase, based on the use of retainers. It is essential to take the retainers as long as the dentist indicates. This will keep the results achieved with orthodontics. Orthodontics have undergone a great evolution. In MyDentiss we offer you the most innovative treatments, without forgetting the most classic ones. We want to achieve excellent and long-term results. To do this, we have the most advanced technology. In MyDentiss we will study your case as if it were our own. You will have a completely personalized treatment to achieve a perfect smile.

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Dental Esthetics

In MyDentiss we know how important it is today to show a beautiful and attractive smile. Smiling with tranquility and naturalness generates a good impression on others and gives us security.


Endodontics is a treatment focused on preserving the tooth. Otherwise, the tooth should be extracted. Endodontics is done when the pulp, the innermost part of the tooth, is badly damaged.


Paradontology is the specialty of dentistry that treats the tissues that support the tooth. We're talking about gum, alveolar bone and periodontal ligation.

Pediatric dentistry

Dentistry is a branch of dentistry specializing in treating children. It focuses on finding anomalies in the position your teeth. Also in detecting oral problems.

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