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Removable prosthesis

Prótesis removible

It is the one that can be removed and put on the patient’s part, it can be partial skeletal or complete. It is placed on the gum (Mucosoportada) and endured by the remaining teeth by a retainer (hook) .

But it also has many limitations. Over time, natural teeth move or change position, especially those that are recharged or pushed by prosthetic devices, and also the bone on which they are supported also changes shape over time, so that these devices will leave Sadaptando and may produce some discomfort or ulcerations that require the adequacy of the dentist, and replacement, after a variable time, new ones. They may also experience fractures with use, due to what is called elastic fatigue. With regard to chewing, these movable structures can never replace the original teeth. Its ability to cut and crush and the strength that we can exert on this type of prosthesis, is lower than that we could exert on Our teeth or fixed prostheses.

In addition, by not being fixed, when chewing we will notice a swinging motion and the food is inserted under the denture.

The movements can be very marked in the complete prostheses, especially the inferior ones, and even more when the ridges are very reabsorbed

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